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Polished Stone

One of my favorite techniques is Polished Stone. This is a very easy technique to do, and produces fabulous results.

Supplies needed:

Alcohol Inks (I use Pinata Inks) -  1or 2 colors
Denatured Alcohol in a spritzing bottle
Domino with felt adhered to it
Krylon Gold Leafing Pen
Glossy Cardstock


1. Put a couple of drops of alcohol ink on the domino which has felt adhered to it.
2. Dab this onto the glossy cardstock.
3. If using a second color, apply it in the same way.
4. Using the Krylon gold leafing pen, put a few dots onto the glossy cardstock, over top of the pinata ink.
5. Spritz with the denatured alcohol.
6. Watch the leafing pen create beautiful gold veins.

If you are not completely satisfied with the results, spritz again.

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