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Fossil Stone Technique

This technique makes a very pretty background.

You will need:
   Reinkers in a couple of colors
   Page Protector
   Glossy Cardstock

1.  Cut the page protector on 3 sides, only leaving the side with the holes punched intact.
2.  Open the page protector and drop a few drops of re-inker randomly. Repeat with the other colors, leaving some space in between (so they don't get muddy).  
3.  Close the page protector and with your hand, move the colors around, taking care not to mix them. This will make some bubbles.
4.  Take 2 pieces of glossy cardstock, cut to card front size, and put them together, back to back, with the glossy side facing out. Place the cardstock in the page protector and with your brayer, run it over the outside of the page protector over the paper inside, again taking care not to muddy the colors.  
5.  Take them out and let dry. You can put more paper in and repeat the process, but the colors will be lighter. Some white space is desirable.

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