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Bubble Backgrounds with Bubble Wrap

White cardstock
Blue dye inkpad
Piece of bubble wrap packing material (slightly larger than your cardstock)
Brayer (with a rubber roller) or 12" ruler
Dye based inks
Stamps of choice

   Lay the bubble wrap on your work surface with the bubbles (bumps) facing up.
   Ink your brayer thoroughly with the blue ink and then brayer the ink onto the bubble wrap, reloading it with ink and going over the bubble wrap a few times to make sure that it is completely covered with ink.
   Lay your cardstock face down on top of the bubble wrap. Use the ruler  (or brayer) - starting at the top and working your way down - slide the ruler and apply firm pressure to the back of the card stock to transfer the ink from the bubble wrap to the cardstock. Work your way back up to the top if necessary. Careful not to wiggle the cardstock or the design will get blurred.
   Pull up your paper and you will see the "bubble" background design.
   This not only works great for water themed cards, but by simply changing your ink color you have a whole new design: Ex: use mustard colord ink and you  now have a 'honey comb' background design.
   Stamp the image on a separate piece of white cardstock. Cut out and adhere to the bubble background.

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