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Dry Embossing

Brass or plastic stencil
Light Box*, or 2 of the same stencil
Wax Paper

   Place the stencil on the light box. Secure it in position with a piece of scotch or masking tape. If you do not have a light box (*see alternate sources), you can make a stencil sandwich by placing the cardstock in between the two stencils and aligning them up so you will be able to follow the patter on the top stencil and the bottom stencil will provide the relief to create the raised image.
   Rub some wax paper across the back of the cardstock before beginning to emboss. This makes moving the stylus easier.
   Place your cardstock face down over the stencil and line up the design where you want it to be placed on the card.
   Hold the paper securely in position and run a stylus along all the open edges of the stencil to push the paper down.
   Now you can finish your dry embossed image in whatever way you choose. Most popular is to lightly color with chalk. You can carefully place the stencil over the design to just highlight the top. You can also use a dauber and pigment ink, colored pencils or radiant pearls.

*Alternate light box sources:  
   You can use a window pane when the sun is shining.  Just place your stencil against the window with your cardstock on top. This will show you where the stencil is.
   You can use a sheet of glass placed over a light source (lightbulb).

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