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Glitter and Lace Background

Supplies Needed:
   Fabric lace (cut slightly larger than cardstock)
   2 coordinating colors of glitter
   Scrap Paper

*The cardstock needs to have adhesive on at least one side. One of the easiest applications is the adhesive from a Xyron machine. Sticker paper can also be used (you will not need cardstock for this). Two-sided adhesive sheets work well because it is easy to attach the background to another paper surface when you are finished.


1.  Peel off the protective paper from the adhesive sheet, and with the adhesive side facint you, carefully lay the piece of lace on it. Smooth out the lace and press it down firmly. Use scrap paper under the adhesive sheet.
2.  You may want to place a sheet of scrap paper on top of the lace, and smooth over it with a brayer to make sure that the lace is adhered completely.
3.  Pour glitter ovre the entire piece.  Make sure that the glitter covers all of the lace.
4.  Remove excess glitter and return it to the container.
5.  Carefully peel off the lace. Tap the piece to remove any loose sprinkles.
6.  Pour the second color of the glitter over the lace. Spread it evenly over the surface.
7.  Tap off the excess glitter.
8.  The lace image should not be transferred in glitter.  (And you will sparkle for days!)

   This technique can also be used with micro beads in two colors
   You can also use two colors of embossing powder, or a combination of embossing powder and glitter. When embossing powders are used, heat set them after the second color has been applied.

   This works best with fine or microfine glitter.
   Be sure to use colors that will provide enough of a contrast so that the lace image shows up clearly